the first extra hole  (Life) posté le mardi 16 juillet 2013 09:33

Like JB Hansen racking up a quadruple-bogey nine at the second hole to rule him out of contention. Or so we thought until he bounced back with five straight birdies then added another two either side of the turn to surge into the lead.

For a long time Mickelson didn’t look like the man to threaten overnight leader Henrik Stenson in the last group, having double bogeyed the first and dropped another shot at the third while his playing partner extended his two-shot cushion to three. However, in winds of up to 20mph there was always going to be twists in the tale.

Yet no one saw the last one coming as Phil’s cracking shot to six feet at the 17th set up the birdie that should have been enough to see him safely home.

Phil, though, never does things the easy way – it’s why he’s one of the most entertaining players on the tour.

Safely on the green on 18, two putts from 20 feet seemed a formality for the short-game master. Problem was Phil thought that too and admits to losing his focus as he raced his lag putt five feet past.

The groans as his putt back lipped out were soon replace by the biggest cheer of the day as he went from blind panic to spellbinding brilliance with that chip to three inches on the first extra hole.

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property from intruders  (Life) posté le lundi 15 juillet 2013 11:14

Ben Hunt, 32, a builder from Altrincham said: “If a burglar came into my home, I would use all the force I had to protect my wife and baby.

“I think it’s a joke we have a law that limits us to what we can do in our own homes, I pay my mortgage so I’m entitled to protect my home in whatever way I want.”

However Sarah Morris, 21, a student from Manchester disagreed. She said: “I think there should be limits in place, I don’t believe you should have the right to attack or murder someone if they break into your house.”

A staggering 27% of burglaries occur as a result of a thief entering through an open window or door.

Gareth Lane, Head of Home Insurance at (who conducted the survey), said: "Our research shows the extremes that some householders would go to in order to protect their property from intruders.

“However it is far better to ensure that you have the maximum amount of home security that you can. Carrying out simple security measures, such as keeping doors and windows locked, can help ensure householders and their possessions are kept safe.

“It is also important to make sure you have adequate home insurance in place, so that your valuables are protected should the worst happen."

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Rospiggarnas revansch  (Life) posté le samedi 13 juillet 2013 04:48

PEEDWAY. Rospiggarna tog revansch f?r f?rlusten hemma mot Masarna – utan skadade Andreas Jonsson.

– Vi har vaknat till och vi vet att vi har ett bra lag, s?ger lagledaren Mikael Teurnberg efter 47–43-segern i Avesta.

N?r lagen m?ttes i Hallstavik i slutet p? maj vann Masarna med 45–44 efter att dalalagets Antonio Lindb?ck avgjort i sista heatet. Den h?r g?ngen fick Lindb?ck chansen att upprepa bedriften.

Rospiggarna ledde med 44–40 och beh?vde ”bara” tv? po?ng f?r att s?kra segern och bonuspo?ngen – n?got duon Mads Korneliussen och Kauko Nieminen lyckades med. Lindb?ck slutade sist medan hans lagkompis Daniel Jeleniewski, vann till igen nytta.
– Masarna hade r?tt att v?lja sp?r i sista heatet och d? valde de sp?r tv? och fyra. Att f? Mads l?ngst in som ?r en bra starter var helt klart till v?r f?rdel, s?ger Mikael Teurnberg som knappast ?ngrade Masarnas val.

I Rospiggarna stod s?songsdebuterande Korneliussen (efter skada) och Nieminen f?r fina insatser.
– Mads ?kte riktigt bra och hade inga plumpar alls. Han var tongivande och trygg och har den d?r rutinen som vi har saknat n?r inte Andreas (Jonsson) har varit med. Och Kauko har jag inte sett k?ra s? h?r bra p? j?ttel?nge, han har verkligen f?tt en nyt?ndning de h?r senaste tv? matcherna, s?ger Teurnberg.

Segern, som var den andra raka f?r Rospiggarna, betyder att man med tre matcher kvar att k?ra i allsvenskan har kopplat ett grepp om en slutspelsplats som ett tag var i fara.
– Nu blir det en veckas uppeh?ll f?r lag-VM, forts?tter Teurnberg som kan ha sin skulderbladsskadade ”stj?rna” Andreas Jonsson tillbaka om inte till n?sta match hemma mot Griparna (25/7) s? troligen i matchen efter borta mot Lejonen veckan senare.
– Det ?r det som vi hoppas p?, s?ger Teurnberg som inte kommer att v?rva in n?gon ers?ttare f?r Jonsson till dess att han blir k?rklar.

V?rt att notera i Rospiggarna var ?ven att reserverna Joel Andersson och comebackande veteranen Emil Lindqvist stod f?r stabila insatser.

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My black Datura  (Life) posté le mercredi 20 février 2013 10:32

People will die, flower Xie, seemingly valuable things in fact meaningless, eventually leaving is an image, all the glory, all knowledge, all the wealth, will eventually fade, until it disappeared, a lifetime struggle, he got what? I like Helen Keller's reputation, but once the person does not exist, who is honorary? The world is not the person have, her life from the world to make what? Really what you got? It is my pleasure, all people, and all the people voted to you to admire the ultimate vision is empty solar cell is the new clean energy.

I tell you, in fact, we came to this world really is only one, is to enjoy, to show his, enjoy the beautiful bloom, enjoy nature has given us all, I simply don't believe, but, it is a fact, wealth, honor, money, everything is not important, important is how much you enjoy, I see many people die for money honor for living, to tell the truth, why live so painful, I know the money is very important, but I really don't care, I enjoy exploring the world, life is exploration of physical, I feel very happy, have to struggle, to enjoy the struggle achievement, if you are not interested in chemistry, but you are jealous of Mrs. Curie, jealous of her fame, and everything she finally has a lifetime study, you spend, may to the Nobel prize in chemistry, but you are a failure, you lose you should get something, Mrs. Curie's life is to enjoy well, when she received the Nobel Prize, she do not care, because a prize can not give her happiness, only in the course of the study, she can enjoy By.

People may have the next life, but, the memory is consciousness, you have not you, perhaps you are Einstein, but, no one knows, you do not know, so Einstein's honor or refraction to Einstein, not reflected in your body Solar Wafer is the scientists.

You left traces, embodies the value you alive, but one day, you disappear, then traces is who, you be happy to enjoy it from the traces on?? Do not, then why do you want to leave? Why should you be a not happy thing, really need you to trace something you can't see, but the error that should leave a trace, why bother? It 's a lifetime of happiness! Life is most regrettable not too easily give up should not give up stubbornly insists shouldn't insist, people alive is not easy, why can't think for yourself, what is the true meaning of life? People are born into this world is painful, when people die, is the end of suffering, our significance is to enjoy any happiness in the face of this huge pain, a lot of people are stupid, a lifetime contribution, a lifetime to pay, leaving the world, take only endless pain memories of the residue, and honor but don't go with, such as the old man Bai Fangli, see him in this life really want to cry, but I can do it again! I can enjoy my own, but can not help people to find the real road, life is precious, the universe then wide again big, also is the life to live.

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For whom are you happy  posté le samedi 02 février 2013 04:59

To not comfortable, retreat is not reasonable, you who is happy, and for whom the jerk arms?

Into the world how can 't dye dust, garbes alike destined to, so also is not easy to leave. To live, to live a more meaningful, who is happy with no earthly fireworks; go not necessarily fengqingyueming, there are dark; all dreams, will encounter wind and rain to grow sturdily. We must challenge themselves, even with all the tired for small gains the journey, only the tenacious personality, gdod glike will create the value of climbing mountain. Time does not stop, you is it right? Every inch of time, are depicted in his picture of life now?

The road extends long, a love far, who you happy, for whom the overlapping deep attachment?

Can't change, just know oneself is so small, in the secular world, to feel aloof; embracing, very close distance, afraid of heart, long long time, is always full of betrayal. Tired tired, looking for a place to let the mood ashore, you is your only post, no one can replace your physical and mental fatigue. The boundless sea, not all of the blue sky, because the bank; bank is a sea of the scale, the sea shore feelings; sea surging forward, is the force of the wind, julike felike perhaps the enthusiasm of wind, no period of the sea.

Flowers are beautiful, not all the colors of spring, trees green is the most selfless gift of flowers. Love the pain, to relax, to listen to the wind, the wind had no trace, but calm, listen to the rain, the rain stopped all silent, more bright and clean; the outside fresh can purify the soul, then, inner restlessness disappear in smoke on you like a smile. Love others to love yourself, love yourself how to love others? I know the value of pain, know how to give up. Give up hope, has given up the unfulfilled promise, is a free and easy; but you can't give up life motto, but can not give you happiness, joy, ilike xlike people will be happy and pass the joy.

In the years to come, what touch your romantic, happy to sing love songs. Long lock heart quietly away, read the mind the moment, who you happiness, dedication of love for who?

Spelling a word, twist words to make sentences, merging into segments, wonderful every paragraph, is the perfect text. The writer is perhaps the action around thinking, wonderful not want paragraph. In the process, more is not about thinking to action, let the paragraph lost wonderful. Plain language less hypocritical easier moving resonate; down-to-earth attitude towards life less straightening to do more on human, narrowing the distance; good is not necessarily need most today, has no intention of leaving a flaw, it can really taste the life.

Pass by, experience not sincere emotion, miss, it is regrettable; pass by miss are different experiences, is only because of the different times with vivid. The love songs of the endless not singing the fickleness of the world, the romantic feelings can't express sorrow and suffering; who is willing to in the magazine of entangled unclear, who would like to muddle along in suffering. You cannot save emotion, give yourself a little bit more romantic, let love songs relieved all the unpleasant; love is selfless dedication, in the infinite power, shine, let yourself in love and be love between persistent, enjoy life.

The family will be tired, hfe love will be drunk, easily broken, life too tired; maybe you complain, why once beautiful can only reproduce in memories; why have will inadvertently suddenly lose; and you are the true face when the transfer line of sight, in giving out rewards, even want to betray moral and unload to play, to seek the offbeat life. In fact, cilike lofea the familiar landscape change a point of view is another beautiful scenery, see is not necessarily true, invisible may not exist, with the eyes to see the world, the world is very small, very monotonous; heart to see the world, the world is very big, is also very complex. Life needs new ideas, life need to highlight, not miss but was not able to really grasp. If the heart hope on, hope still, you'll find out life is wonderful, life is so sweet.

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